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About Us

Moa Studio – Your partner in creative print and digital marketing solutions

Moa Studio started as a collection of imaginative minds that transformed into the entity known today – a versatile agency specialising in creative print and digital marketing solutions.

At the heart of our mission lies the joy of knowing how to help support businesses, transforming their brand while creating visually striking marketing resources, designs and websites.

We believe in building a solid foundation for your brand by incorporating dynamic strategies that last a lifetime and contribute to your business’s success.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for creativity, we stand as ambitious trailblazers in our industry, constantly seeking projects that ignite our passion and push the boundaries of our imagination.

One group, countless possibilities

Moa Studio is part of The Quentosity Group, a portfolio of brands that provide industry leading services across website design, app development, SEO, branding, social media management, software development, Google Ads, promotional video creation and more.

Meet the Team

Headshot of Quentin van Heerden.

Quentin Van Heerden

Managing Director


Michelle Redmond

EA to Quentin Van Heerden

Daruis Chetty

Daruis Chetty

Account Manager

Headshot of Paul King.

Paul King

Account Manager

Headshot of David Dunham.

David Dunham

Senior Copywriter & SEO Consultant


Megan Smith

Content Marketing Specialist

Headshot of Brandi Wharton.

Brandi Wharton

Content Writer

Kelsey Willcocks

Senior Graphic Designer

Headshot of Anna Phan.

Anna Phan

Senior Graphic Designer

larris chen

Larris Chen

Developer & SEO Support

Headshot of Patrick Tejada.

Patrick Tejada


Headshot of Brendan Baber.

Brendan Baber

Senior Developer

Headshot of Rakeeb Hussein.

Rakeeb Hussein

Google Ads Specialist

Jay Syder

Jay Syder

Web Support & Lead Developer

Headshot of John Cristobal.

John Cristobal

Front End Developer

Headshot of Jay Cas.

Jay Cas

Senior Full Stack Developer

Headshot of Michael Bayucot.

Michael Bayucot

Full Stack Developer

Headshot of Cromuel Limbojan.

Cromuel Limbojan

Full Stack Developer

Headshot of Sam Mickleson.

Sam Mickleson

Accounts/Project Manager

Headshot of Jeremy Parsons.

Jeremy Parsons

Project Manager

fabio camera

Fabio Camera

Digital Imaging Specialist